Monday, May 24, 2010

What Do They Wear in Wonderland?

From an original joke by Genevieve Freedman

Good to be back after long work-related absence. On my brief visit to Copenhagen I did not see the Mermaid, who is on Expo in Japan.
In the Old Town Square I did see some wonderful bronze statues of street people, which I believe are part of a temporary exhibition, but no-one could tell me the artist.

Dinner in the Kalinen Restaurant was superb:

And this establishment is impressively sensible in keeping its Ladies' Room soap on a spike:

A huge improvement on the traditional festering soapdish (you know how ghastly that is when it bubbles).

Even smarter are the Danish Kroners, the coins of which are thoughtfully supplied with a hole. If you are concerned for the safety of your Kroners, you can, for example, wear them around your neck on a string. Or if you are really concerned, you might store them in your eyesockets, and still be able to see...

The perfect union of form and function: So there we have it...


  1. Unbreakable monacles?

  2. And what about your view of Danish writers?!